Are Online Roulette Games Fair?

Are online roulette games fair? Here we discuss the makings of the casino game and how the rules of play allows for the game to be fair for players.

This question is raised on every game that a casino provides, and we feel it is now time to set the record straight about how casino games are made and why roulette is a fair option to go for within the online casino.

Getting a Fair Start before You Play

To get a fair start, you need a fair casino. Make no mistake the Internet is full of rubbish and illegitimate sites are out there. To help you pick a casino you can trust, you can head over here, which provides players in South Africa with legitimate casinos that provide the game of roulette in all its variants and formats.

The casinos found in the above link are licensed and are, therefore, legitimate sites that hold the right to provide gambling services and meet the SA gambling laws. They are also regulated, and this is important in the argument of being fair. The games are tested by an independent body that has certified each one of these casinos as being a place that offers fair games to players. This is step one in the fair play gaming argument surrounding the casino’s roulette game and all others. It would be impossible for a casino to be online after the checks if a game was rigged or tampered with.

How Roulette Games Are Made

There are indeed two formats in which roulette is accessible to players, they are live tables and machine games. The live tables are real games that are streamed whilst played by the dealer. You play as you would if you were at the table, so no programming can alter how it plays. The option of live gaming is completely neutral, where the machine games are programmed to determine when they payout.

Roulette machines are fitted with the RNG algorithm, this is a random number generator. For every spin of the roulette wheel, the RNG will allocate a serial number to each outcome, in turn, it will also generate a series of serial numbers to try and match, when the RNG stops the number that does match results in a win. It’s a bit like cracking a safe code.

You can click here to see for yourself just how fair these games are.

How Playing Roulette is Fair

The specifics of the game are such that the casino does have a 4% edge over the game, but this is because of the betting option of zero. If you remove this from the game, the percentage of the house edge drops to 2%. Now, considering the best edge in any casino game is 1.46%, roulette is a fairly fair game to play. It is helped more so because of the betting options.

Players can select any type of bet they want, and the table offers 5050 chances by playing for red or black numbers, odds or even and they can even select numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.

Remember, roulette is about predicting and the outcome is always chance, the debate of whether luck is fair is for a different article, but for now, if you are posing the question ‘is online roulette fair’? The answer is yes.

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